Postcards from Miami

A room with a view. Room 1040, The James hotel.

Backstage #1, The James Hotel

Backstage #2 The James Hotel

Obey Miami@art district

Kenny Sharf@art district

Invader is all over in Miami

A morning with a view, room 1040, The James Hotel.

The Everglades #1

The Everglades #2

The everglades #3

The Everglades #4

Time fly

"La coscienza di Zano" (Thanks to Alberto Zanoletti for the cigarette)

Full moon Miami

21th floor #1

21th floor #2

American tabloid

Palm and tarots.

A room with a view, room 1040, The James Hotel. 6,00am

Downtown Miami #1

Downtown Miami #2

Parking lot

Urban chaos

All pictures shot by Toni Thorimbert with an Iphone 4S and Instagram in Miami and the Everglades during locations scouting and an advertising shooting from 20th to 28th April 2013

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Alessandro Burato ha detto...

Toni Thorimbert che usa instagram. Mi piace questa mancanza di snobismo da Fotografo Purista :)

Anonimo ha detto...