Stage > Backstage > Sentimental Cruise > A fashion essai for Io Donna magazine.


So gorgeous.
So different.

So good for me.

Io Donna magazine
"Sentimental cruise"

Photographed by Toni Thorimbert

Styled by Silvia Meneguzzo
assisted by Francesca Ferretti.

Hair by Franco Chessa
Makeup by Roman Gasser

Models: Charlotte/ IMG - Kandy/ Next

Backstage photography by Ilaria Zennaro.

Digital: Walter Besola D4U
Postproduction: Nora Suardi/Zat.

Thanks to Leica.

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Stage > Backstage > Io Donna > The seven-spread cover.

Seven covers
Eight pictures
One magazine.

Proud, and thankful.

Here below the backstage video by Alberto Gottardo

IANA GODNIA - HIGH from Toni Thorimbert on Vimeo.

Io Donna
The Milano-Fashion-Week issue

Styled by Silvia Meneguzzo
assisted by Francesca Ferretti

Photographed by Toni Thorimbert

Model: Iana Godnia

Hair by Gianluca Guaitoli
Makeup by Roman Gasser

Postproduction by Nora Suardi/Zat

Backstage photography by Ilaria Zennaro

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Stage > Backstage > Cividini FW 15_16 campaign.

This season the dress code @ Cividini was black...

FW 15_16 ADV campaign.

Photographed by Toni Thorimbert

Hair by Mimmo Di Maggio
Make up by Alessandra Casoni

Model: Anna Nevala/ Monster
Thanks to Piero and Anita Cividini.

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Scent of Liu-jo, the ADV campaign

Mi piace lavorare su lay-out.
E' una sfida diversa.
Realizzare il progetto dell'agenzia di pubblicità cercando di infondere all'immagine quel "qualcosa" in più che solo la fotografia può creare.

Scent of Liu-Jo
The ADV campaign

Photographed by Toni Thorimbert

Agency: Saatchi and Saatchi

Hair by Roberto Pagnini
Make up by Roman Gasser

Models: Vika Falileeva, Guillaume Dolmans

Production: Photogroup Service srl

Post-production: Nora Suardi/Zat

Backstage photography by Marcella Magalotti.

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Antony Morato FW 2015_16

"PLACES" is the Morato campaign.
"PLACES" is a 127 pages catalogue.

But this time is just one place.
The best one.
Things happens when you're there.
Things happens right on your face, just to you.

Welcome to New York.

Here below the backstage:

Antony Morato catalogue + adv campaign F/W 2015_2016

Photographed by Toni Thorimbert
Assisted by Giorgio Serinelli.

Art direction by Giorgio Bartoli / GoLab Agency Milano.
with Elisabetta Giovi.

Produced by Giulia Castellini.

Fashion editor: Emil Rebek
assisted by Alessandra Faja.

A big hug to Sauro Mariani.

Featuring: Alessandro Zuik Simonetti, Alberto Polo, Simone Polga, Marcel, Callum, Joel.
Grooming: Wesley

Digital service: Walter Besola / D4U

Thanks to Leica Italia.

Backstage photography by Giorgio Serinelli.

Shot on location in Manhattan, Long Island and Canoe studios, New York, N.Y.

Thanks to the bar @ The Ludlow Hotel.

Soundtrack: DJ Shadow: "Six days"

Bonus track:

Think big! Gran Via, Barcelona.
Photo courtesy Sauro Mariani.

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