Let the images talks: "Elaborazioni" a fashion essai for "The wedding book" by Io Donna magazine. Styled by Silvia Meneguzzo

To start, the backstage:

And now, the pictures as published on the magazine:

And here below, the backstage video, filmed by Ornella Minolfi:

Elaborazioni from Toni Thorimbert on Vimeo.

The Wedding Book by Io Donna magazine

Photographed by Toni Thorimbert
Styled by Silvia Meneguzzo assisted by Stella Romoli.

Model: Jole@IMG

Make up by Roman Gasser and Giovanni Jovine
Hair by Roman Gasser and Pawel Solis.

Backstage photography by Alberto Gottardo.

Here the link at the magazine website: http://www.iodonna.it/speciali/2014/wedding-book/abiti-matrimonio-moda-sposa-thorimbert-401861051040.shtml#center

Click on the images to enlarge.

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