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Not easy.
Not difficult.
Just follow the action.

No photoshop required.

Here below some backstage images:

A pretty simple set.

Some adjustment to the pants

Style Editor-in-Chef Alessandro Calascibetta performing a striking point of view for his Instagram pictures

"Try to move this way"

Style magazine
"Suit action"

Photographed by Toni Thorimbert
Styled by Alessandro Calascibetta

Featuring: Jacob Scheich

Grooming: Giovanni Iovine

Backstage pictures by Giorgio Serinelli

Digital service: D4U/
Post production: Nora Suardi/Zat.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

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Unknown ha detto...
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Unknown ha detto...

Ritorno al fotodinamismo di stampo futurista?
Complimenti per scelta e realizzazione.

zack ha detto...

Scatti fantastici...Tecnicamente parlando...doppie esposizioni o flash strobo?!