Maria Loks is great. Period.

Bonus track:
"Rigore e sentimento" a fashion essai shot in 2011 for Io Donna in the same location....

Click this link to go to the full story and the backstage:

Io Donna
"Giocare d'anticipo"

Photographed by Toni Thorimbert

Styled by Silvia Meneguzzo assisted by Francesca Ferretti

Hair: Gianluca Guaitoli
Makeup: Roman Gasser

Model: Maria Loks

Backstage photography by Ilaria Zennaro

Digital assistance: Walter Besola/D4U

Postproduction and retouching: Nora Suardi/Zat.

Shot at Villa Ottolenghi, Aqui Terme, Italy.

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

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